Wardrobes & Storage

Custom Wardrobes and Storage

G & K Cabinets pride ourselves on our custom wardrobes and storage solutions, tailored to suit the diverse needs of our clients. Unlike generic storage solutions, we custom create wardrobes that are built to last and are perfectly functional. Our team are highly experienced and have been creating custom solutions for storage problems for decades.

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Take Advantage of Unused Space:

Does your home have awkward space that is currently being wasted and unused? Think of spaces like underneath the stairs; that has the potential to be an excellent storage space, but you cannot find a pre-made solution for. Turn this space into a highly practical, usable space that provides excess storage. Allow the rest of your home to be de-cluttered and let us completely design a custom, bespoke storage solution for your home. See examples of past projects on our inspiration gallery here.

Designed How You Need It:

At G & K Cabinets, we can create an entire wardrobe for you: both interior and exterior. We can also update exteriors and interiors alone. The beauty of this is that you can design the storage space exactly as you need it. Add shoe racks, drawers, extra-long hanging space for dresses, specialty storage and more. Completely customise it to your lifestyle, then see it bought to life in a 3D projection. We invest in highly specialised technology, allowing us to provide you with a 3D image of the storage space, both interior and exterior.

Endless Options:

Wardrobes and storage solutions at G & K Cabinets have endless possibilities. Along with having the ability to completely custom design the interior, we have a multitude of exterior options, too. Whatever you need to suit your design, budget and lifestyle, we can create. Hinged or sliding doors, swinging or opening: we can do it all. We have a wide variety of high-quality guaranteed materials such as mirrors, sliding mirrors, glass doors, aluminium sliding doors and more. All of our work comes with a 7-year warranty, guaranteeing both the products and workmanship. Customise your storage spaces with G & K Cabinets.

Custom Wardrobes

Get in touch with G & K Cabinets on (02) 6646 9511 for more information about our custom designed wardrobe and storage solutions.