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Custom Display Cabinets

G & K Cabinets create specialised display cabinets to suit your home design specifications. Using innovative technology, we can draw up plans for a display case and create a 3D image of the cabinet, as it will look in your home.

Own a high-quality, unique and custom-designed piece of furniture that will fit seamlessly into your existing home.  The sky is the limit for what we can create for you. With decades of experience in cabinet making, there is no scenario that we can’t create something for. See our gallery for inspiration here.

By having display cases custom made for your home, you can make sure whatever is being displayed is in full view and protected. Whether your items are difficult to store or display, or you need the cabinetry to fit into a specific place in your home, having a bespoke display cabinet created is ideal. We use only the highest quality fixtures and all of our products and workmanship come with a 7-year warranty.

Scenarios we have created cabinetry for include:

  • Trophy Cabinets
  • Antique Displays
  • Memorabilia Storage and Display
  • Beverage Storage
  • TV Cabinets

Need Inspiration? See Your Design in Your Home.

At G & K Cabinets, we have been creating custom cabinetry for years. We have an incredible showroom with many of our finishes and materials, as well as working examples on display. Our friendly team will be able to help you to decide which design choices will be right for your home. We take detailed and accurate measurements of the space you need the cabinetry in, as well as the items you wish to display. Read more about our process here.

After the measurements are taken, we input the design and measurements into our innovative program which will display a 3D image of the cabinetry before we create it for you.

Custom Display Cabinets

Get in touch with G & K Cabinets on (02) 6646 9511 for more information about our full range of custom display cabinetry services.