Repairs & Maintenance

Cabinetry Repairs and Maintenance

G & K Cabinets offer cabinetry repairs and maintenance in Yamba and surrounding areas. We have been creating custom cabinetry and designing kitchens in Yamba, Maclean and Iluka since 1994. With this wealth of experience and our knowledgeable team, we can give expert advice on repairs and maintenance of cabinetry. We understand when something is structurally sound and can be repaired, or when it needs to be replaced.

Give us a call on (02) 6646 9511 to chat about your repair job today.

No Job Too Small:

There is no repair or maintenance job that is too small for the G & K Cabinets team. Whether it is something as simple as a broken hinge or handle, we will solve the issue for you. All repair jobs are individually priced and quoted, depending on the specific situation.

Many clients simply have singular broken doors, or water damage to kitchen cabinetry. Pop in to see us, even bring the broken part if it’s small enough. We are in our showroom from Monday to Thursday from 7am – 4pm and Friday from 7:30am – 1:30pm.

Replicas and Replacements:

When repairing, G & K Cabinets can either source or create replicas of the hardware that needs maintaining. Firstly, we inspect the structural capacity of the cabinetry, ensuring that the maintenance we perform is going to be long-lasting.

If the structural integrity is not sound, we can look at replacing the broken part for you. We custom-create parts for replacements, to ensure that the style is matched exactly to that of the previous one. All repairs and maintenance work is quoted individually, based on what needs attention.

G & K Cabinets

Get in touch with G & K Cabinets on (02) 6646 9511 to organise a repair or maintenance quote for your cabinetry.