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About G & K Cabinets: Yamba Cabinet Makers

G & K Cabinets are cabinet makers that merge innovation and creativity into their functional and high-quality designs and expert workmanship. Operating for over 25 years, we service Yamba and surrounding areas, including Iluka and Maclean. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality workmanship and excellent customer service to our clients. All our materials and workmanship come with a minimum 7-year warranty, so that you can have peace of mind you are looked after.

We invest in the latest technology that computerises floor plans and provides a 3D projection of the design. This ensures that our clients can visualise their designs, know that the measurements are incredibly accurate and have ultimate peace of mind. Check out our gallery for some examples of our designs and this technology in work.

For more information or to request a quote, please get in touch with G & K Cabinets on (02) 6646 9511.

Our Story:

G & K Cabinets was created in 1994, right here in Yamba. Prior to starting the business as a sole owner-operator, Gavin completed a carpentry course at TAFE. At the time he studied, cabinet making was not an option, so he completed his carpentry apprenticeship in Wellington, NSW. After working there for seven years, he left to build houses for another five years.

After moving to Yamba, Gavin, continued to build houses with a local builder. After cutting his finger off and damaging his hand, he was forced to have six months off work. During that time, he taught himself to use a computer and began to help a mate set up his own business. Following this, Gavin started his own business, G & K Cabinetry and has since expanded into what we are now: a team of five dedicated to providing the best quality service.

Our Process:

Our process is designed with our clients in mind. We want to make sure that you are without your cabinetry for the smallest amount of time possible. With a typical turnaround timeframe of one to two days, G & K Cabinets offer minimal disruption to your daily routines. Our team partner with different local tradespeople, allowing us to take stress off you and organise other necessities to finish the job.

Step One: Measure and Design

G & K Cabinets pride ourselves on our ability to create fantastic cabinetry, designed to your budget and aesthetic. Our process begins by collecting contact details and organising a time to come out to your home, to complete a free measure and quote. During this, we take specific measurements required to complete the job and discuss basic design options with you.

Following that, we return to the office and create a design for you, based on your home’s measurements and our initial discussions. We then email the design to you, depicting a basic layout for the job. After you have viewed the basic layout design, we then discuss an in-depth budget and features such as different finishes and materials.

Step Two: Details and Design

We invest in specialised software that creates incredibly accurate 3D depictions of the projected design layout. Included in the email with the 3D image is the standard pricing, alongside pricing for different finishes and optional extra features. After final approval, we then have you come into our state-of-the-art showroom and select and finalise specific details for your design.

Final details that you may need to decide on include: bench finishes, cabinetry materials, colours, finishes, sink, hardware, appliances and other optional extras. After these details are confirmed, a final quote and 3D image is provided to you, including the finishes and selections made. A ten percent deposit is then taken, so we can order parts, lock in dates and discuss timeframes.

Step Three: Removal of Previous Cabinetry [Renovations]

Alongside new homes, G & K Cabinets help to restore and modernise older cabinetry features. For these renovations, we have the extra step of removing the previous cabinetry. We have the facilities to remove, demolish and dispose of previous home features if needed. Either select your own tradespeople or allow us to organise some for you. If needed, prior to the removal of previous cabinetry they will disconnect any electrical and power supplies and then reconnect after your new fitout is installed.

Step Four: Installation of New Kitchen

Streamlined and perfected, we aim to have the installation completed in the minimum amount of time possible. All our workmanship and appliances carry a seven-year warranty, meaning you are looked after by G & K Cabinets for years after your new kitchen has been installed. As much of the work as possible that we do is completed in our workshop, minimising disruption to your home life.

G & K Cabinets

Get in touch with G & K Cabinets on (02) 6646 9511 for more information about our full range of cabinetry services.